Link feast

Our pick of this week’s 10 best psychology and neuroscience links:

“In a Way, We Are All Either Jedi or Sith”
The Psychologist meets John Amaechi OBE – psychologist, organisational consultant, high-performance executive coach and former NBA basketball player.

Brain Disorders? Precisely
An editorial in the journal Science says syndromes once considered exclusively as “mental” are being reconsidered as “brain” disorders.

Is it Depressing or Empowering to Think of Life as a Performance?
Read Christopher Grobe’s answer over at Aeon’s Ideas site.

The Stranger on the Bridge
New Channel 4 documentary about one man’s attempt to find the stranger who talked him out of jumping off Waterloo Bridge in 2008 (25 days left to view).

Tylenol Doesn’t Really Blunt Your Emotions
Blogger Neurocritic casts a sceptical eye over a recent study published in Psychological Science.

Hungry, In pain or Content? Adults Can’t Tell What a Baby Wants
New Scientist reports on a new study

How to Exploit Male Sexual Competitiveness to Raise Money
Pacific Standard reports on a new study that looked at charity donations made to runners in the London marathon.

If I were Prime Minister: I’d Make Sure We Were More Gentle With Crisis Care in Mental Health
Clinical psychologist Vaughan Bell argues that more funding is required to treat highly distressed patients with the compassion they need.

How Watching Reality TV Might Help Bring Out the Best in Us
At New York Magazine, I looked at a new brain imaging investigation in to “vicarious embarrassment”

The Glass Delusion
On BBC Radio 4 Psychoanalyst Adam Phillips explored the extraordinary psychiatric phenomenon where people believe they have turned into glass (28 days left to listen).
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.