Link feast

Our pick of this week’s 10 best psychology and neuroscience links:

The Real Life Lesson of The Stanford Prison Experiment (more from us)
Maria Konnikova for the New Yorker.

Consciousness Researcher on The Life Scientific
Anil Seth was the guest on the latest episode of this BBC Radio 4 show.

How Your Siblings Affect Your Success According to Science (more from us).
Dr. Jonathan Caspi writes for

Why Self-Harm? (more from us)
“Cutting brings relief because emotion and pain criss-cross in the brain,” writes Carrie Arnold at Aeon. “Can we untangle the circuits and stop self-harm?”

What’s It Like To Live With Half a Brain? (more from us)
Motherboard reports on a case that shows the brain’s resilience in certain circumstances, such as when neuro surgery is performed at a young age.

5 Surprising Lessons a Psychologist Learned From Interviewing Killers
Highlights from a new book by criminal psychologist James Garbarino.

The Unexpected Benefits of Anxiety
In excess, anxiety can cast a shadow over people’s lives, but tamed and in moderation I find research that suggests it brings us a range of ninja-like advantages.

A Revised Map Of The “Body” Within The Brain
George Dvorsky reports for io9.

Cambridge University Professor of Lego Proposed
The BBC reports on a forthcoming opening. Surely the perfect opportunity for a playful psychologist?

—And finally, did you catch Humans, the new AI drama series from Channel 4? Episode one is available on catch up if you missed it.
Post compiled by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.