Link feast

Our pick of the week’s 10 best psychology and neuroscience links:

Psychology: Heaven and Hell
This December in London we’re putting on a little party to celebrate 10 years of the Research Digest blog. Come join us!

It Pays to Be Nice
… even when other people are screwing you over.

Scientists Just Published Ambitious New Guidelines for Conducting Better Research
Jesse Singal reports on the recommendations produced by University of Virginia psychologist Bryan Nosek and others.

A conference held in Manchester this week promised to bring together the worlds of neuroscience and business. As delegates began tweeting soundbites full of neurobunk, skeptics had a field day with the conference hashtag.

Oliver Sacks, Antonio Damasio and Others Debate Christof Koch on the Nature of Consciousness
A group of neuroscience heavy-weights discuss a theory of consciousness that sees a key role for cell membranes.

I Once Tried to Cheat Sleep, and For a Year I Succeeded
For one year, Akshat Rathi managed to keep up the Everyman Sleep Schedule: 3.5 hours at night and 3 x 20-min naps in the day.

Please, Corporations, Experiment on Us
A psychologist and ethicist argue that it’s better to test out what works in our best interests, rather than powerful people and corporations relying on their gut instincts.

Clinical Psychologists Launch Guidelines on Hoarding 
Information and recommendations from the British Psychological Society’s Division of Clinical Psychology.

What’s Happening in Your Brain When You Can’t Stay Awake?
Over at Science of Us, I looked at a brain scan study of the moment the battle to stay awake is lost.

The Hard Science of Oxytocin
It’s been dubbed the “cuddle hormone” because of its role in love and bonding, but new findings show this is a gross oversimplification. Helen Shen reports for Nature.
Post written by Christian Jarrett (@psych_writer) for the BPS Research Digest.