Psychology’s Favorite Tool for Measuring Racism Isn’t Up to the Job

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-18-20-33Our editor’s pick of this week’s 10 best psychology and neuroscience links:

Psychology’s Favorite Tool for Measuring Racism Isn’t Up to the Job
Almost two decades after its introduction, the implicit association test has failed to deliver on its lofty promises. By Jesse Singal for New York’s Science of Us.

BPS Response to Theresa May’s Speech on Mental Health
Professor Peter Kinderman, the President of the British Psychological Society, has welcomed Theresa May’s pledge to introduce new measures to improve mental health care.

Do 1 In 4 People Really Have A Mental Illness Right Now?
Theresa May says a quarter of Britons suffer from mental health problems at any given time. But it’s really not clear where that number comes from. By Tom Chivers for Buzz Feed.

The Voices in Our Heads: Why Do People Talk To Themselves And When Does It Become a Problem?
By Jerome Groopman for the New Yorker.

What Scientific Term or Concept Ought to be More Widely Known?
As usual, many psychologists contributed answers to the annual Edge question.

Why Are We So Attached To Our Things?
I scripted a TED-Ed lesson on the psychology of ownership. The animation is by Avi Ofer.

Neuroscience: The Risks of Reading The Brain
Russell Poldrack reviews a new book by Barbara Sahakian and Research Digest contributor Julia Gottwald: Sex, Lies, and Brain Scans: How fMRI Reveals What Really Goes on in our Minds.

Cognitive Science Suggests Trump Makes Us More Accepting Of The Morally Outrageous
By Joshua Knobe for Vox. But sadly, cognitive science doesn’t yet have a remedy.

Are You A Giver Or A Taker?
Newly posted TED talk: In every workplace, there are three basic kinds of people: givers, takers and matchers. Organizational psychologist Adam Grant breaks down these personalities and offers simple strategies to promote a culture of generosity and keep self-serving employees from taking more than their share.

Op-Ed The Futility of Gender-neutral Parenting
By Debra Soh for the LA Times. Soh is a sex writer and sexual neuroscientist at York University in Toronto.

Christian Jarrett (@Psych_Writer) is Editor of BPS Research Digest

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