The Case for Shyness +9 more of the week’s best psychology links

screen-shot-2016-09-09-at-18-20-33Our editor’s pick of the 10 best psychology and neuroscience links from the last week or so:

The Case For Shyness
“Joe Moran’s book Shrinking Violets is a sweeping history that doubles as a (quiet) defense of timidity,” says Megan Garber at The Atlantic.

Andrew Marr: My Brain and Me (BBC TV Documentary)
After suffering a life-threatening stroke four years ago, the broadcaster and political journalist Andrew Marr quickly regained his ability to speak and was able to resume work. But he is still frustrated by lack of movement in his left arm, hand and leg. In this very intimate story, Andrew is on a mission to understand the mysteries of the human brain and to achieve further recovery.

Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds
New discoveries about the human mind show the limitations of reason.

Mental Health Professionals Warn About Trump
35 psychologists, psychiatrists and social workers write an open letter to the New York Times.

The Psychiatrist Who Wrote The Guide To Personality Disorders Says Diagnosing Trump is “Bullshit”
Allen Frances, a professor emeritus at Duke, doesn’t mince words about what he thinks of mental health professionals who are now using the DSM to diagnose President Donald Trump with a mental disorder.

A Brave New World of Sleep?
At The Psychologist, Gareth Gaskell reviews the evidence on memory consolidation during sleep.

Is Talent A Thing? (BBC Radio 4 Documentary)
When hiring people, is the concept of talent so ill-defined as to be useless? Entrepreneur and author Margaret Heffernan thinks so and explores what characteristics recruiters might want to look for instead.

Hips Do Lie
“Why did the New York Times fall for a dubious study on what makes women great dancers?” asks Daniel Engber.

Inside The Debate About Power Posing: A Q&A With Amy Cuddy
Four and a half years after her popular TED Talk, the social psychologist updates the research on posture and hormones, responds to critics and discusses her current work.

Tim Urban On “Trying To Live Well, As Semi-rational Animals” (podcast)
This episode of Rationally Speaking features Tim Urban, author of popular longform illustrated blog Wait But Why. Host Julia Galef and Tim explore one of their common interests: the tension between the rational and irrational aspects of human nature.

Christian Jarrett (@Psych_Writer) is Editor of BPS Research Digest