Booze aids foreign language skills, plus our 9 other most popular posts of 2017

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Moderate alcohol consumption improves foreign language skills

Autistic boys and girls found to have “hypermasculinised” faces – supporting the Extreme Male Brain theory

Thinking in a foreign language, we’re less prone to superstition

There’s such a thing as “autism camouflaging” and it might explain why some people are diagnosed so late

Sexual offending by women is surprisingly common, claims US study

Longest ever personality study finds no correlation between measures taken at age 14 and age 77

No “far transfer” – chess, memory training and music just make you better at chess, memory training and music

running giphy2Oh dear, even people with neuroscience training believe an awful lot of brain myths

Critical thinking skills are more important than IQ for making good decisions in life

10 Ways That Running Changes Your Mind and Brain

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