10 studies and 4 podcast episodes to help you keep your New Year’s resolutions


Merely desiring to alter your personality is not enough, and may backfire unless you take concrete action to change

Already struggling to keep New Year resolutions? Here’s the first detailed study of daily temptation and resistance

Performing meaningless rituals boosts our self-control through making us feel more self-disciplined

PsychCrunch Episode 2: Breaking Bad Habits

Find a gym buddy – not letting them down can be a powerful incentive

The mindbus technique for resisting chocolate – should we climb aboard?

PsychCrunch Episode 10: How To Stop Procrastinating

Whether you snack or not is more about the presence of temptation than your willpower

Step away from the cookie jar! Over-confidence in self-control leads us to temptation

PsychCrunch Episode 11: How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

“Reverse ego-depletion”: People in India find mental effort energising

Less is more when it comes to beating bad habits

Good news! Planning naughty lapses can help you achieve your goals

PsychCrunch Episode 13: How To Study And Learn More Effectively


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