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Character – “Caught” Or “Taught”?

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Research into the mental health of prisoners, digested

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The Psychology of Fighting, Digested: 9 Fascinating Findings Involving Boxing and Other Combat Sports

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The 10 Most Controversial Psychology Studies Ever Published

10 Surprising Things Babies Can Do.

The Psychology of First Impressions, Digested.

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Digest Super Week: Meet the people with super abilities who walk among us, from super-recognisers to superagers and supertaskers.

To mark the tenth anniversary of the Research Digest email, we published a series of self-help posts based on the Digest archive. This included the Digest guide to … Studying, Human Attraction, Happiness, Influencing People, Creativity and Willpower.

Psychology to the rescue! Psychologists share their real-life stories.

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The world’s leading psychologists on one nagging thing they still don’t understand about themselves.

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Psychology bloggers on the best psychology study of the last three years.

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