Occ Digest

The British Psychological Society’s Occupational Digest reported on psychology in the workplace from 2011-2014.

The BPS Occupational Digest, edited by Dr Alex Fradera, was funded by the Division of Occupational Psychology and aimed to reach occupational psychology practitioners together with a wider audience who care about putting psychology to work, including HR professionals, managers, and anyone with an interest in the field. In early 2014 we took the decision that the future for the Research Digest lay in expansion and development of our existing platform, rather than putting resources into developing smaller, ‘splinter’ Digests.

Consequently, from June 2014 Dr Alex Fradera will become a Lead Writer on the Research Digest. He will still have a primary focus on occupational issues, but will also cover other material, all of which will now reach a larger audience.

The existing blog will remain as an archive.

About Dr Alex Fradera

Dr Alex Fradera is a Chartered Psychologist whose interest in human thought and behaviour runs back as far as he can remember. After a PhD in Psychology studying memory and cognitive ability, he made a move from academia into the practice of occupational psychology, taking a role at the talent assessment organisation SHL. When not editing the Occupational Digest, Alex deals directly with clients, as well as through a number of consultancies. Alex’s other passion is improvisation, and he can be found putting it into practice in organisations, in training rooms, with scientists, designers, on stage, at festivals and in front of market stalls. Follow Alex on Twitter.